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Announcements in Forum : New Member Section
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Introduce yourself and your car

Welcome to the Team-Integra community.

If you are looking to introduce yourself, please go to the "Your Integra" forum to make a new post about yourself and your car.

Tell us about your car, what model it is, what has been done to it, what you plan on doing with it, start a "story" about it. No one wants to read "hi, I got this car, here i am" and that's it.

Looking to add/post pictures? Check out this topic first. It details how to post from Image Bucket, Imgr, Google, Flickr, and straight from your phone as well.

Please be descriptive in the topic subject, things like "New here!", "Hi!", "Need help!" are not going to cut it.

Please be patient when you make threads and posts, as for the start they will need to be approved by a member of the site's moderator group.

Thank you and enjoy this site that has been up and running since 2000 !

- Stephen / MorningZ



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