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vec2twelv 03-25-2009 06:41 PM

Hey guys,

I had a timing belt job done at the shop about a year ago, and shortly after I began to notice a rattling noise coming from under the hood. I quickly took it back to the shop and it turned out that a washer had cracked. A week later, I hear a rattling noise again, this time less intense. So I bring it back, and it turns out my radiator was rubbing up on something, and they just took a crow bar and separated them. But then after several weeks later, I realized that there was a rattling noise coming from my distributor that occured on cold starts. After a warm up, it went away. Not having the time to check the car out again, I've put it off until now. It's still under 1 year waranty for another 2 weeks, but since the shop is quite a drive, I was wondering whether this is a common issue with Integras or not:


When the video focuses on the distributor, you'll be able to hear a very distinct rattling noise.

95DC2GS-R 03-25-2009 06:43 PM

Distributor bearing, or you needs your valve lash adjusted.

94carbonteg 03-25-2009 06:48 PM

DUDE i had the same freaking noise on my engine, so i bought a new distributer, put it on, and it DIDNT fix it, i still havent found what it is. Its not a rocker arm either.

rebar71 03-25-2009 10:05 PM

My car does this exact same thing. I asked about it in this thread and was told it was perfectly normal.

vec2twelv 03-26-2009 03:28 AM

Thanks for the reply guys. Good to know others have had this issue.

I'm going to take it to the shop in the morning just to make sure its nothing else. I'll let you know how that goes.

Even though it might be okay, it just doesn't sound good. When I start up my car, people always say "is your car breaking apart?"

vec2twelv 03-26-2009 03:28 PM

Just got back from the shop.

The mechanic told me that the distributor bearings were going bad, and that I needed to replace the assembly.

A leak was also found in my clutch master cylinder :/.

Well I probably will keep driving, and eventually if it gets louder, I'll replace it myself

jakeda2 03-27-2009 06:05 PM

hey man the same thing happened to me. its probably a good idea to get it asap, mine got worse really quick once that berring started to a couple hundred miles

rebar71 03-27-2009 08:12 PM

My distributor has been doing that for over a year and 20,000 miles with no problems and no change.

I am actually looking for just a bearing to fix it, but the only ones I've found so far are for DA's. Anyone know if they're actually the same?

vec2twelv 03-28-2009 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by jakeda2 on Mar/27/09
hey man the same thing happened to me. its probably a good idea to get it asap, mine got worse really quick once that berring started to a couple hundred miles

hmmm, that is good to know. Can't say I'll be surprised if it does go out one of these days. Mine has been like this for the past 6 months so hopefully it'll last another 6 months.

wasaga101 05-04-2009 07:47 PM

im having the same problem, as you can see in my vid the sound is identical

vec2twelv 09-12-2009 11:20 PM

wow has it really been this long since I posted about this...

so I finally found the time to do it a weekend ago. Lo n behold, the sound is still there,

BUT - i am happy i replaced it because it made my acceleration a lot smoother. Before it would be jerky jerk jerk when i hit the pedal, especially on cold starts. No more of that! :D

The sound is exactly the same as before and really sounds like its coming from the distributor!

I bought the distributor brand new off of ebay. So what could be causing the distributor to sound like that??

HeroOfTheDay 09-12-2009 11:29 PM

I thought it just might need a valve lash adjustment, but that video is pretty convincing otherwise. only happens when it's cold though, eh?

1point8 09-14-2009 07:21 AM

Pull off your exhaust manifold heat shield and check for an exhaust leak as the symptoms you describe such as it going away when it heats up is a give away. And it really sounds like a little one big time. If you can't see or feel it and donít have a stethoscope try a small diameter piece of hose.

blkteg21 11-08-2009 10:48 PM

I know this thread is some what old, but did anyone find a solution for this problem? I purchase a 98 Ls with this exact same problem. the car has 129,000 on the O.D. I have been searching for a solution and no one seems to have one. The one thing I have noticed is that this problem seems to be affecting 98-01 tegs. I've done all the maintinence. This consists of T-belt, water pump, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, drive belts, and coolant flush. The only thing I haven't had time to do is the valve adjustment. I will get to the adjustment this weekend and do a further inspection, but I do not think the rocker clearance is the cause. I have never come across this problem before. There is something causing the distributor to make this rattling sound. I would apreciate any advice from someone who has had this problem and solved it. Please don't say replace the distributor or bearing, because I have swaped my dizzy with a good working one, and the problem was still there.

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