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G3: Installation of Del Sol seats

Posted 07-11-2004 at 05:35 PM by MorningZ
Updated 03-17-2016 at 02:14 PM by MorningZ

Today's project involved swapping my tired and worn leather seats for a set of front seats out of a Del Sol that I purcahsed off a fellow member. These directions would (i am taking an educated guess) also work for dropping some last-generation Civic seats in our G3 Integra's (if someone can confirm this, it'd be great). Now please note that there may be are other steps involved in doing this project if you got less/more parts than I did. In my particular situation, I got the seat bottoms and the seat backs, plus the "handle side" brackets (but not the rail that attaches to the bracket). So this article may cover all you'd need to do, it might cover more than you need to do, or there may be something not done/shown that you would need to do, but hopefully this shows how easy it is to pull this off :-)

OK, let's begin with what tools I used:
- Rachet and Sockets: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm
- Hammer (used to loosen the 14mm holding the seat cushions)
- #2 Phillips Screwdriver

That's it!!! Let's start the install....

Here's my OEM Integra seat next to the Del Sol seat I am going to put in

Here's a shot of the included and attached "handle side" bracket on the Del Sol seat

OK, off we go on some manual labor :-)

Remove the plastic panel covering the bracket

And now remove the handle by simply pulling off as shown, once off, remove the plastic panel

With the panel off, here is a good chance to see the difference in the Del Sol bracket and the Integra bracket, which is only one little detail... since the Teg hasback seats, the passenger side had that extra little handle that would tilt the seat all the way forward plus allow the seat to be fully pushed to the front. Well, since the 2 seater Del Sol obviously doesn't need this extra handle, they left off the anchor point for the cable that is responsible for that. I briefly looked to see if it was feasible to swap the bracket or at least bring over the part that it anchors at, but it looked like a royal pain to do so, so I will be living without that "feature"

OK, moving to the seat belt side of the Integra seat, I remove the plastic beauty panel

Now since I need the bracket from this side, I bust out the 14mm socket and also the 12mm socket for the nut and bolts shown. This step is where I used the hammer to smack the rachet for the 14mm bolt removal, those suckers were on their tight!!

when you goto remove this bracket, make sure not to lose these plastic pieces as they are important for the seat to be able to pivot on. Later in the article I call the piece in my hand the "Collar" and the other piece the "Washer".

Now that the seatbelt side is off, I go back to the Handle side and remove the rail from the bracket by taking off 2 nuts and a bolt

Here's all needed hardware removed from the Integra seat. Please note that the cable in the black sheath IS NOT USED as explained two pages ago. We are now done with the Integra seat part of this how-to.

Onto the Del Sol seat we go! First thing I do is attach the seat cushion to the handle-side bracket with the two 14mm bolts I pulled off the Integra seat. Not shown is me also attaching the rail with the two 12mm nuts and the single 10mm bolt.

Next up is attaching the seat belt side bracket to the seat cushion and seat back. I'll let the image do the explaining this time.

Note yet again that I left off the "extra back seat feature" from the Del Sols, I am sure if you have enough time and desire to keep this feature, you could have swapped the full bracket from one to the other. when I am done, it'd just be two steps for me to tilt and slide forward, I can for sure live with that.

Here's the Del Sol seat completely assembled and ready for mounting in the car.

I'm done!! Let's see some pics!!! I'll start you with a pic of my tired old seats

And here's the Del Sol seats installed in their new home

Few thoughts on these seats:
1) These are about as direct-bolt-on swap as it gets!! Hopefully I have shown so in this article
2) Sitting in these seats, I sit a good amount lower in the car than I did in the Teg seats, if I had to guess, I am 2-3 inches lower (which means more headroom! Might be a good point for all you 6+ foot tall Integra drivers out there)
3) These definitely "hold" me better than my Teg seats did, and I dig the red accent in the seat as I plan to have a few more things red highlighting some stuff in my interior

Well, that's it for this day's work, I hope you enjoyed the article
- Stephen
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