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Correcting Exhaust B-Pipe Cat Flange Bottleneck

Posted 05-24-2002 at 12:00 AM by MichaelDelaney

On all exhaust Bpipes (including the aftermarket ones) there is a bottleneck at the flange which connects to the cat.

Many people are unaware of this exhaust flow restriction which can hinder the exhaust from extracting the power potential out of the engine.

This is the culprit in question (in this case, it is from an ITR exhaust but all aftermarket exhausts have this bottleneck at the Bpipe flange which connects to the cat):

you can purchase a tapered flange that is 2.5 in. outer diameter (OD) at the opening which connects to the cat and 2 3/8 in. (60mm) OD at the Bpipe exhaust end. This can then be TIG welded on after the original 2 in. OD bottleneck flange has been cut off.


My thanks goes to SMSP for the info and the pics provided.
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    Is the tapered B-pipe adapter tapered B-pipe adapter still available guys? I really need this. Ive called SMSP with no success. CAn anyone provide a source?
    Posted 03-11-2013 at 07:13 PM by dbdeluxe dbdeluxe is offline
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