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Honda Main & Rod Bearing Color Codes

Posted 08-09-2002 at 12:00 AM by MichaelDelaney

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If you have never seen a Honda rod bearing :


To find the bearings that you need, you can add a plastic strip from the plastic gauge kit onto the crank's rod & main journal. By torquing down some premeasured used old bearings of known thicknesses around the crank's rod & main journals to spec, this plastic strip is crushed to a set width onto the journal. Next, you remove the rods and main caps with the old bearings to reveal the crushed plastic strip. You can then estimate the new bearings' thicknes that's required by aligning the plastic gauge kit's measuring tape to this crushed plastic strip on the journal. Find the range of measurements on the color chart (on the next page of this article) that co-incides with your plastic gauge measurement and choose those colored bearings for your build up.

Where to look to find the codes to start off with. :

Here's a link to a website where plastigauging for selecting the right bearing color for your block is well described and in more detail.:


Rod Bearings


Main Bearing Set
2.013-2.010 mm 0.0793"-0.0791"
2.010-2.007 mm 0.0791"-0.0790"
2.007-2.004 mm 0.0790"-0.0789"
2.004-2.001 mm 0.0789"-0.0788"
2.001-1.998 mm 0.0788"-0.0787"
1.998-1.995 mm 0.0787"-0.0785"
1.995-1.922 mm 0.0785"-0.0757"

Conrod Bearing Set
1.510-1.507 mm 0.0594"-0.0593"
1.507-1.504 mm 0.0593"-0.0592"
1.504-1.501 mm 0.0592"-0.0591"
1.501-1.498 mm 0.0591"-0.0590"
1.498-1.495 mm 0.0590"-0.0589"
1.495-1.492 mm 0.0589"-0.0587"
1.492-1.489 mm 0.0587"-0.0586"

Here are the Part Numbers from Honda:

Main upper bearings (B16A, B18C, B18B, B20)
13321-PR3-004 BLUE
13322-PR3-004 BLACK
13323-PR3-004 BROWN
13324-PR3-004 GREEN
13325-PR3-004 YELLOW
13326-PR3-004 PINK
13327-PR3-004 RED

Main lower bearings (B16A, B18C, B18B, B20)
13341-PR3-004 BLUE
13342-PR3-004 BLACK
13343-PR3-004 BROWN
13344-PR3-004 GREEN
13345-PR3-004 YELLOW
13346-PR3-004 PINK
13347-PR3-004 RED

B18A/B18B/B20 Rod bearings
13211-PR4-A02 BLUE
13212-PR4-A02 BLACK
13213-PR4-A02 BROWN
13214-PR4-A02 GREEN
13215-PR4-A02 YELLOW
13216-PR4-A02 PINK
13217-PR4-A02 RED

GSR/ITR Rod bearings
13211-P72-003 BLUE
13212-P72-003 BLACK
13213-P72-003 BROWN
13214-P72-003 GREEN
13215-P72-003 YELLOW
13216-P72-003 PINK
13217-P72-003 RED

B16A/B17A Rod bearings
13211-P30-003 BLUE
13212-P30-003 BLACK
13213-P30-003 BROWN
13214-P30-003 GREEN
13215-P30-003 YELLOW
13216-P30-003 PINK
13217-P30-003 RED


Rod Bearings

Main Bearings

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