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Integra gsr Engine build opinions/setup help

First off, I haven't been working on hondas in quite awhile, so if I miss speak don't be harsh on me. I recently bought a gsr block with usdm type r pistons in it to replace a bad block (cylinder wall damage). I was installing new bearings, and found out the crankshaft and rods appear to be from a LS? I'm not positive, but the rods have pr4 stamped on them. My question is, will this crank and rod setup work ok with the type r pistons, type r camshafts and gsr head? Also the crank is slightly hitting the oil squirters. Should I stick with this, or swap the old gsr crank and rods from my old block? I'm planning to run the engine in the lemons race, so it will be beat on for two straight days all day.
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