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I just changed out my brake lines with the pre-made Russell/Edelbrock ones on my 98 LS. Very good quality and I highly recommend it along with a fluid flush. My old fluid was probably the original which would make it 18 years old with 102K miles on it. It was a nasty brown color, I disconnected the passenger side line first and used a vacuum pump to suck out all the old fluid. Then I went around and removed all the other lines in order of furthest from the master cylinder to closest and sucked whatever else fluid I could. After I got everything I could out, I reconnected all of the stock hoses temporarily, filled the reservoir up with brand new Lucas synthetic and starting with the drivers front replaced the stock lines with the stainless ones and bled the new fluid in using the the vacuum pump. This time in order of closest to the master cylinder to furthest remembering to completely fill the reservoir after each line before moving to the next. Once I got all 4 done, I went back to the front drivers side and bled it again in the same order. It used the entire quart. I think its safe to say I got all of the old fluid out and its fully serviced with the new fluid. Next Im looking at new rotors all around (either EBC or Password JDM), new pads (EBC), and possibly new calipers (powerstop). Im also going to replace all of the wheel bearings and hubs at the same time as the brakes. Timken for sure.
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