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Originally Posted by b18c5rjdm View Post
So true. I don't understand people that have A kid and think they need a bigger vehicle. I can understand triplets, but jeez.
Spoken by someone who hasn't ever tried to get a squirming child in an out of a car seat in the back of a coupe. It all comes back around though. You'll sell the Type R because of the new baby. Then you'll sell that one when you have another one (nothing sucks as much as two car seats in the back of a sedan). You may even go the van route (no shame. The Odyssey is a damn fine vehicle). Then as your kids get older and they are able to sit next to each other without killing someone you may go back to a Sedan. You'll end up with one vehicle that fits the whole family and the one that you commute with. Your kids will get shirts saying "I'm the reason Dad can't have nice shit" and you'll dream of the day back when you had a Type R. Then maybe 15 years from now you'll be back in a place where you can find one and it becomes a project that you can restore with the kids. It will be all kinds of fun. That's where I'm at now and it has been fine. You'll miss the R, but good on ya for having your priorities straight. Good luck!
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