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ECUorOTHER: injectors 2ms instead of 6ms

Howdy to ya'll lovely folk here

I hope to be posting some nice interior modding stuff in the not too distant future.... but firstly i'm in a bit of a pickle.... i'll put most of the relevant stuff at the top chronically and then add too it so by all means stop when you feel too or skim more the further down you get

1. CEL came on

2. Engine spluttered under 1500 - 3000 rpm ( i think less than 3 more like 2500 or something ) then sortof seemed fine over that except;

3. Very hot, dash lights flickering i think at start.... no cooling? White smoke after 5mins.

( o' CEL said TPS and ummmm.... Msomething )

MECHANIC thinks ECU, mechanically things are checking out ok and that they can see injectors firing for a short time only ( i think they said 2 millisec instead of 6 )

The reason i'm here is to school myself on ECU related stuff. The car is a DC2 VTir but the engine is different and fair chance the ECU is non stock so I have to really do some homework to find out whats there... whether any interplay between chips blah blah blah......

Anyway..... with the symptoms above.... is anything ringing bells for anyone?????

Random other facts;

-Been running rich for a long time
-Mechanic said car talked about main relay but they think prob not
-Loud pop or two in weeks preceeding
-Shop redid work on battery ground cable in weeks preceeding.....
-Water *may* have snuck in via the back midlle sides of hatch.... pooling at parked angle
-Car sat for 6 months in weeks preceeding though was serviced straight away.... they are pretty good guys so I'm sure they would have check the key clogables etc.

Might have to add more keys later though probably not so relevenant and overwhelming now!!!

Thankyou!!!!! in advance for any insight
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