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2000 Acura Integra LS $1500

I have a 00 Integra LS automatic with 210k miles. The car will not shift out of 1st gear. I think it's either a bad transmission or a bad torque converter. The check engine light shows 2 codes: powertrain fault and misfire.

Before the transmission problem, the car ran very well. Last June, at around 195k miles, I spent approx. $900 at Acura Gulf Freeway to install a new timing belt, water pump, and drive belts. Before I did the timing belt, I tested the engine compression and it was at the top of the Helm's spec range.
It has been my daily driver since 2002. When I first got the car, I installed a new OEM Acura optional aero body kit (the sides are currently on the car, the rears are off the car, and the front was stolen), and an aux input device to listen to music through the OEM cd player. Door and rear speakers were replaced with Blaupunkt speakers when one of the old ones failed.

The car has some paint and body work done. Typical clear coat failure on Honda/Acura's of this vintage. Windshield is cracked.

This may make a good project car (engine swap, auto to manual swap, ect) or even a parts car. I have towing on my insurance and if it's covered, I can have it towed within xx miles from my house to your house/shop (no guarantees, if not, maybe you can get coverage and try that way or bring a trailer). I'm located in the Upper Kirby/Greenway area.

I have a blue title, books, keys (2 master, 1 valet), and maintenance records. Price is OBO, let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking.

Additional info:
- I just bought a brand new registration/inspection sticker, May 2017 expiration. Around $100 spent.
- I've been thinking about the transmission issue and I think it is the torque converter. The transmission itself, since 2002, I drained and filled (3 qts out, 3 qts in) with oem Acura/Honda ATF every year and it shifted fine until this problem. The sound seems to come from the torque converter, between the engine and the transmission, but I am no mechanic and that is just my guess.
- At around 150-170k miles, I did a lot of preventative maintenance myself. I put in a set of rebuilt injectors, fuel filter, distributor cap, rotor, coil, oem spark plugs, oem spark plug wire.
- I changed the oil and filter at 209,500 in March.
- It's got a K&N drop in air filter which I cleaned last month.
- Tires have good tread, I don't have a gauge but I believe around 50%. They are the second most expensive tire you can buy at Discount Tire, Yokohoma YK580 (most expensive was special order).
- I just called my insurance and they will typically tow to the nearest repair facility plus 10 miles. So to be safe, if it's 1 mile plus 10 = 11 miles covered. I live near the lakewood church on 59.
- Will not part.

One question from my Mercedes-Benz Test: "What is the primary benefit of a manual transmission?" One of the answer choices: "The driver has an extra pedal to stomp when frustrated."
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