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Im was just leary about it cause it looks the same as the rest, and still cheap, but im taking everyones word that its a good one. I got it installed and so far so good. There was a littke bearing chatter on first start, but it quickly went away.. Like 30 seconds after, and hasnt made any more odd noises. Cars running well, so im pleased with it. Thanks to everyone for the advise and assurances.

On another positive note, it fixed my weird timing issue too. That last dist wouldnt let me advance it enough to be in proper ignition timing.. Was fully advanced and still retarded, by a lot. Went thru all the possibilities with a fine tooth comb, several times, and everything always checked out. I suspected the distributor being the culprit from the get-go, but no one had ever heard of such a thing, so looked at everything else, but low-and-behold, my hunch was right. Its right in the good zone now (have it set at 2 degree advance), so im very happy about that!!
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