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Yeah, that's what I've heard too.

Anyway, despite my apprehension, I took the plunge and bought the distributor that you guys recommeneded. Hopefully it holds up! I just ordered it today tho, so can't comment on quality or whether it works properly.

While I'm here, where are you getting your ICMs and coils from?. Only from Honda? I'd like to know of a good source just in case I run into problems later on.

Autozone screwed me on the ICM I bought from them because their counter boy didn't put the exchanged on under my name, so even tho I have the part in a duralast box, and its lifetime warranty, they won't exchange it cause it not in their system showing I bought it. The receipts they give you are 'burnt' on to the paper, not printed with ink, and as usual after a year or so, its faded out so bad that they can't read or scan the codes to find my purchase of the part that way either. So needless to say, I won't be going back to them for my parts needs.

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