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Yep esp the ICM from my experience. Let me ask, does anyone know of a good non-oe ICM? Because that seems to be my biggest problem at the moment.

I have a few ICMs from the various dizzys I've went thru, some black and some a tan or brownish color, but all seem to be the same low quality, and there are no identifying letters or numbers on them to see who makes them or anything. The one I bought was $50 at autozone (duralast brand), and just as poor quality as the rest have been. I also noticed that some of the duralast ones have been black and some have been tan/brown, so I'm inclined to think they're coming from the same factory as the ones in the junk distributors. I know that Napa often has higher quality parts than the 'discount' parts stores, so just wondering if they might have a better ICM also... Or if there's some other place that does. Any ideas about that?. I'm just trying to weigh my options before I decide on anything.
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