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Definitely appreciate the input. So is there a certain manufacturer that makes these, or any obvious differences between it and all the others that look identical? I'm just a bit skeptical cause mine looks identical, and was also around $100. Different seller tho.

I'm actually on my third in total. First was on the car when I got it, and lasted another year or so before the bearing locked up. But up to that point, it worked fine.

Second was another ~$100 unit, and it started filling the cap with oil within a month or so. Pulled seals from #1 , but found that the seal seat had been milled down to the point where the seat metal was super thin and had hairline fractures in it. Layer on I found that the shaft length was slightly shorter than the others so the seal seat was milled by the manufacturer to make the shaft fit.

Third was yet another ~$100 job, which my car barely idled with until I compared the hall effect sensors and noticed they were misaligned, which I corrected. It works, but keeps going they ICMs, even with PC grade thermal paste. I've tested wiring and cleaned grounds, but didn't help any.

So I tried swapping part between them all to make one good one, but found differences in shaft length and crank key pin diameters, so long story short, couldnt get a good combo of parts to make it work. So I'm back to #3 , and have gotten to the point where I have a spare ICM from parts store with lifetime warranty, which I use to swap in when the ICM fails, then return the bad one to the store (all look identical), and put it back in my hatch for the next failure. Been repeating this process for quite a while now. Its gotten old at this point.

So anyway, that's the story, and why I've been looking for something that'll last, even if I have to get raped on the price
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