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Good Aftermarket Distributor? / VMS Brand Opinions?

I'm looking for a good replacement distributor for my obd1 b18c1. Any recommendations? Anyone have experience with the "VMS" branded ones on eBay??

VMS Racing High Performance Polished Distributor Coil 92 95 Civic vtec Billet | eBay

Its pretty much the best sounding one I can find.. Billet housing, ball bearing shaft "guides" (bearing?), upgraded vms branded coil & rotor, and supposedly high quality hall effect sensors. So all in all, it sounds like it ought to be made better than the run of the mill china replacements. It doesn't say anything about the ICM tho, which tends to be a major problem with aftermarket units, but I'm thinking that, worse case scenario, I can buy an OE ICM for it, and come out at about the same pricepoint as I would if they still sold complete OE distributors thru Honda. $400 +/- (ouch!). Just wondering if it would be worth it.

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