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Almost there!

"Light at the end of the tunnel lol." -redGSRguy

So! I finally got my motor back today. Unfortunately I don't have any time to install it this weekend. Plus he forgot to resurface my flywheel so that'll be ready Monday. Next Saturday my GSR is in a car show. I kinda want to skip it to install my motor but it's okay lol. The next available weekend I have is the last weekend of the month.

A lot of my buddies were saying not to paint it but they bead blasted (I think) my cylinder head so it doesn't match anything. They did the same with my GSR head and I've ALWAYS regretted not painting the motor. I appreciate your guys feedback. I always go with my gut feeling though.

"Well here's your chance to mess up a ITR motor instead" -JDMJNKY

So we decided to paint this motor. I like it, I know it might peel, whatever... Just like it'll get filthy not painted!

NPR 81.50mm Pistons

Block Painted

USDM yo!

Ready for Paint


Looking Good

Way Better, IMO

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