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We got work done on the R.

So everything looks visually good. Piston #3 Rod Bearings were spun. The crank isn't scored too bad visually but we'll see when we have the machine shop inspect it.

She'll be on the road soon! So now it's the time to order everything I need! Yay! :cry:

ARP Head Studs
ARP Rod Bolts
NGK Premium Spark Plug Wires
NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs
NGK Upstream O2 Sensor
NGK Downstream O2 Sensor
Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket
OEM Head Gasket
OEM Exhaust
OEM Valve Cover Gasket Set
OEM Camshaft Seals
OEM Fuel Filter
OEM Water Pump
OEM Oil Pan Gasket
OEM Oil Pump
OEM Oil Strainer Gasket
OEM Timing Belt
OEM Piston Rings
OEM Main Bearings (Upper)
OEM Main Bearings (Lower
OEM Rod Bearings
OEM Thrust Washers
OEM Timing Belt Tensioner
OEM Battery Tie Hold Down Bracket
OEM Battery Tie Hold Down Bolt
OEM Turn Signal Socket
OEM ABS Pump Bolt
OEM White Hose Bracket
OEM VTEC Solenoid Gasket 1
OEM VTEC Solenoid Gasket 2
OEM Oil Filter Bracket O-Ring
OEM Distributor O-Ring
OEM Tow Hook Bolts
OEM Orifice O-Ring I/E
OEM Block Dowel O-Ring
OEM Head Dowel O-Ring
OEM Exhaust Nut (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Bolt (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Spring (Cat to Header)
OEM Exhaust Nut (Cat to B-Pipe)
OEM Exhaust Bolt (Cat to B-Pipe)
OEM Dipstick
OEM Valve Stem Seal (I)
OEM Valve Stem Seal (E)
OEM Thermostat Seal
OEM Throttle Body Gasket
OEM Release Fork Boot
OEM Oil Pump O-Ring
OEM Valve Timing Censor O-Ring
OEM Oil Filter Cartridge Set
OEM Fuel Injector O-Rings
OEM Radiator Upper Hose
OEM Radiator Lower Hose
OEM Hood Latch Cover

Please keep in mind that the list isn't final. Just a good idea on what I will need or want. Also I'm not ordering anything until I see what the machinist says.

To the Pictures!

Head & Tranny Off!

Block Out!

Can't wait to have heR running!

Going to clean the bay up real good. Any recommendations on what to use?


Block Torn Apart - Ready to be dropped off at the machine shop.

Dirty a** tranny

What a mess!

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