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Haven't really been working on the caR as much as I would like to. The weather has been terrible and I'm with my Dad every other weekend. Last Friday we weren't doing anything so my Dad asked me if I wanted to work on the car. It was freezing that day but I really wanted to work on it.

We were able to pull the Head off and everything seems good so far. The walls seem great as well. This weekend we will be pulling the rest of the motor out. I've been adding more parts on my list to order; Dizzy bolts, Alternator bolts, etc.. A lot of stuff missing on the motor but can be replaced.

After we pull the motor we plan on sending the head, block, crank, pistons, etc... to my Grandpa's friend to have it hot tanked, honed, inspected, etc.

I wasn't able to take any pictures because my phone died.

Have been ordering things here and there. Still waiting on a bunch of parts to arrive. I hate waiting.

The only thing arrived so far is my Mugen Pedal Set. The matching Dead Pedal from ICB should be here next month.

Also quickly shampooed my floor mats. I need to do a better job but it's not that serious. I'm going to use them anyway.

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