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For all your DIY'ers, this is just some information in case this were to happen to you.

If you're working under your car, and you have an oil leak, whether from bad lines / hoses, or you're just changing your oil, be careful to avoid having motor oil drip into your eye(s).

I was working under my car this afternoon, changing out a busted vtec (LS-Vtec conversion) oil line. I had oil dripping from every direction because the leak was that bad. As I was unscrewing my oil filter (which was the only way to get to one end of that line), motor oil dripped into my eye. I panicked and ran into my apt. to flush out my eyes. I kept my eye in running water for about 5 mins. A little later, I called Valvoline (the oil I decided to buy for my previous change) and asked Poison Control about measures to be taken to remedy this dilemma.

"Motor oil is rated in the class of: Low Hazard. There will be no permanent damage done in such an event. The best remedy is to flush your eyes for 10-15 mins, making sure all of it is washed out."
--apparently, all motor oil falls under this category, so this applies to other brands as well.

I was relieved, even considering my eye was feeling a great deal of irritation and redness. It's been about 10 hours since, and I feel quite normal now. Life as is.

I just wanted to let the TI community know about this in the event that it happens to the DIY'ers. If you have glasses, wear them. =)

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Glad to hear that your eye is ok!

And yes, safety glasses are a must when working under the car. Actually, they are a good idea most anytime when working on a car ... but nobody really likes to wear them.

If you (folks in general) are going to buy a pair, don't go cheap. The cheaper ones usually aren't very comfortable, and if they aren't comfortable then you probably wont' wear them for very long. Also, the more expensive glasses have less 'distortion'. Distortion in safety glasses can be dangerous, but more so, it's just annoying and may give you a headache.

Also, remember, if you do get something in your eye, like dirt or some other debris, it is a very bad idea to rub your eye. If you rub your eye with a bit of solid debris in it, you could scratch the lens of your eye. That would not be good. It would be a far better idea to rinse the debris out with cool, sterile water.

Best wishes and safe wrenching to all!

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yeah.. id be worried about the super tiny shards of metal in the oil.. i guess thats another reason to get the magnetic drain plug..

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That's why I wear glasses when I work on my car... had too many close calls with oil & coolant... luckily the only hot oil was on my forearms.
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Carb cleaner burns like hell FYI, haven't had the misfortune of oil yet, and hopefully won't! Good to hear it's not as big of a deal as it is a pain.

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i was cleaning the engine bay of a wrangler and got a shard of rust in my eye.

got to wear a patch for 3 days

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Originally Posted by GunNam on Sep/02/06
That's why I wear glasses when I work on my car...
Squinting is under-rated...

But seriously it's scary thinking about all that has entered my eye: splashed oil & brake clean, rust flakes & wire brush hairs... I really got to take care of my eyes better. I only get one set.
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oh coolant is a joy in fresh cuts from trying to get the bolts and plugs out of the coolant system to drain it. so i can't imagine how bad it would burn in your eye. lets not even go down the hot coolant in the eye road.

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When I had a Honda Passport (worst truck EVER) with a bad power steering leak, some PS fluid dripped into my eye when I was doing an oil change. That was no fun and burned for a few hours.

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I was draining the coolant out of my truck once and was wearing safety glassses and some spashed down in my face and i was like good not in my eyes... just then some rolled under the edge of the saftey glasses.... It burned my eye like hell!
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Took a mouthful of gas changing a fuel filter on my Toyota truck once. Burping gas was something unique that I don't really want to experience again.

Make sure to wear your eye protection and keep your mouth closed!!!!

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I was doing a co-op at a shop couple years ago. i was machining some rotors, even though i was wearing safety glasses, i happened to get a fragment in my eye. didn't know it till the next day, my eye was milano red i went to the hospital and they removed the metal but apprently it had began to rust. so i headed the next day over to an eye clinic. they said since they got it quickly there wasn't enough rust to warent laser treatment to remove what's left. moral of the story: even with glasses you still get hurt- so why not minimize your chances?

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watch for falling rust debris too, especially if you have a kamikazee header

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ive had brake cleaner on cuts,get a nice cool burn
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