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Different than your integra most likely

I did a little research around because it seems that there isn't much information about this system on our site. I'm gonna share what i found so far so that maybe we can have a little discussion on it.

honda's engineering demo: flash of real time 4wd workings

PDF of Honda technical papers of the system

a site that has CR-V diagrams of parts

"Real Time™ 4WD

The Real Time™ 4WD system on the CR-V is designed to overcome the traditional drawbacks of a full-time four-wheel-drive system such as lower fuel economy, higher noise and vibration levels, higher weight and difficulty in adapting the system to ABS. The CR-V’s Real Time™ 4WD operates automatically and only when needed. It requires absolutely no intervention on behalf of the driver for it to be engaged or disengaged.

The CR-V’s Real Time™ 4WD system sends power only to the rear wheels when there is insufficient traction for the front-wheel-drive system. The system consists of the conventional front-wheel-drive system, a compact transfer case that distributes drive to a propeller shaft running the length of the vehicle, a dual-pump system, the rear differential, and left and right rear-wheel driveshafts.

The heart of the system is the dual-pump unit. It consists of two hydraulic pumps, one driven by the front wheels via the propeller shaft and one driven by the rear wheels via the rear differential. A hydraulically actuated, multi-plate clutch, similar to the clutches used in Honda automatic transmissions, connects the propeller shaft to the rear differential.

When the CR-V is operating with the front and rear wheels turning at the same speed, for example on dry pavement, the front and rear hydraulic pumps operate at the same speed. Hydraulic fluid circulates between the two pumps; however, no pressure is generated. In effect, the fluid fed by the front pump is absorbed by the rear pump.

If the front wheels begin to turn faster than the rear wheels, as would be the case if they were spinning on snow or ice, the two hydraulic pumps would turn at a different rate and hydraulic pressure proportional to the difference in their speeds of rotation would be generated. The resulting hydraulic pressure opens a valve body and feeds pressure to the multi-plate clutch, which engages the front propeller shaft to the rear differential. The rear differential feeds the drive torque to the right and left rear wheels.

System operation is completely automatic; no electronics or driver action is involved. The greater the degree of front-wheel slippage, the greater the amount of torque fed to the rear wheels. Real Time™ 4WD is also practically maintenance- free, requiring only a scheduled fluid change at 96,000 km or 48 months under severe conditions. Another big advantage of the CR-V’s dual-pump Real Time™ 4WD system is that, unlike conventional 4WD systems, Real Time™ 4WD automatically disengages under braking, thereby allowing the ABS system to engage."

I cannot remember where i got that, so i can't give credit.
lots of CR-V owners on there and that's where i found the technical sheets.

If anybody would like to add or discuss, feel free to do so. Try to keep it intellectually stimulating, i don't think you want to open up this thread and see a whole page of post like "that's sweet!" "drift king!" or anything else that any schmo would say

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That's intresting. So the fact that the Braille car has no front axels means the pump for the rear drive shaft section is always sending the power to the rear all the time.

Harness is on it's way back...wrong harness...I'll be finding out WTF is going on with it. 2a or what??
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very intresting.....

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so who's gonna be the first to do this swap??? lol
not counting whoevers teg is in the pics
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That car was sold on ebay pretty recently, unfortunately it did not meet the reserve. Anyone know if it's been sold?
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Wasn't the car shortly converted to RWD after the AWD conversion? I could be wrong and most likely be mixed up with another integra.

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whos got the cajones do this an convert there teg to "Real Time" AWD???
hmmmm maybe me............... ya never know

i wish
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ebay auction

This auction is for the one and only Braille Auto Development Acura Integra RWD / AWD race car.

Quick Facts:

1994 Acura Integra w/ 1998 Integra Front End
Vehicle has clear title
Vehicle is Currently Rear Wheel Drive – Can be Front or All Wheel Drive
Less than 500 miles on Powertrain
Full Type R Brakes – 5 Lug
Championship White
Carbon / Kevlar Hood and Seat
Carbon Fiber Trunk and Sunroof

This Auction includes the following items:

1994 Acura Integra Chassis VIN Number
Honda/Acura B18C Engine w/
Hondata ECU / RC Injectors / Walbro Fuel Pump
Jackson Racing Supercharger
Jackson Racing Boost Upgrade
Skunk2 Turbo Camshafts
Skunk2 Valves
Skunk2 Valve Springs
Skunk2 Titanium Retainers
Honda/Acura Integra Type R Pistons and Rods
B18C Crankshaft
Braille Auto Valve Cover – Blue
GSR Exhaust Manifold
Custom Exhaust
Type R Radiator / FAL Upgraded Fans
Braille Auto Development Battery
Honda CR-V 5 Speed Transmission
Jackson Racing Aluminum Flywheel w/ Chromoly Friction Surface
Jackson Racing Clutch
All Wheel Drive / Front Wheel Drive / Rear Wheel Drive Components (Use is in parenthesis)
Honda CR-V Transfer Case (AWD/RWD already installed)
Honda / Acura Integra GSR Front Axles (Front Wheel Drive SPARE)
Honda / Acura Integra GSR Axle Outer and Inners (Rear Wheel Drive already installed)
Honda CR-V Drive Shaft (AWD / RWD already installed)
Honda CR-V Rear Differential with welded Real-Time unit (AWD / RWD already installed)
Honda CR-V Rear Differential with functioning Real-Time unit (AWD spare)
Honda CR-V Rear Axles (RWD / AWD installed)
Acura Integra Type R Suspension
Skunk2 Racing Full Coil-Over Units less than 500 miles of use
Skunk2 Racing Camber Kit Front
Skunk2 Racing Strut Tower Bar
Acura Integra Type R 5 Lug Hubs
Modified Steering for Increased Steering Angle
Acura Integra Type R Brakes
Acura Integra Type R Rotors
Cobalt Friction Brake Pads
Exterior Features
Professionally Repainted Championship White w/ 1998 Updated Integra Type R Front End
Shaved Molding Holes – I have the front corner lenses (not installed for air flow)
Braille Auto Development Carbon / Kevlar Hood
Braille Auto Development Carbon Fiber Hatch
Braille Auto Development Carbon Fiber Sunroof Kit
Rota Circuit 8 Wheels 16 x 7 Bronze
Interior Features
Braille Auto Development Carbon / Kevlar Racing Seat w/ sliders
MOMO Suede Steering Wheel w/ MOMO Hub
Acura Integra Type R Shift Knob
Acura Integra Type R Amber Clock
Honda CR-V Shifter
Modified Handbrake System
Acura Integra GSR Gauge Cluster
Fan Switch
Relocated Starter
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Type R Headliner (not installed)
GSR Door Panels
Fuel Cell 12 Gallon
Autopower 6 point roll Cage
Notes – please read
The front glass has a crack
The right door has a 3” area where the top coat of paint was rubbed by the transportation trailer and we placed a white vinyl piece over it
The Fuel Cell is in the rear hatch requiring refueling from the rear of the car
The current exhaust set up has an outlet under the vehicle which does not transfer all fumes behind the vehicle as the stock unit does.
This vehicle is not equipped will the Original emissions and safety equipment – see disclaimer at bottom of page.


Using an Acura Integra LS Model and all Honda parts, Braille transformed the Front-Wheel Drive chassis to be either a Front-Wheel Drive (just like stock), Rear Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive vehicle.

While the original intention for Braille was to produce a kit for other Integra owners to enjoy, the cost of the conversion and the time spent to complete the conversion would place the cost way outside the price range of the majority of their customers. This means that if you want your own Rear Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive Integra, you have one chance – this car!

There will no doubt be many questions about this vehicle. Please check the following answers to frequently asked questions and please review the entire web links and pictures before writing, you should find the answers within our information provided.

Q: Is the car street legal?

A: The car has a clear title in the State of Florida and was never under a “rebuilt” title. Due to the vehicles engine and exhaust modification you will need to check your local laws to see what is allowed.

Q: How long did the car take to complete?

A: The vehicle took a little over 2 years to complete. About 800 hours.

Q: Is the car easy to drive?

A: Yes. In front wheel drive configuration it drives exactly like your Integra. In Rear Wheel Drive Configuration with the welded diff it feels just a little different in casual driving but has a whole new level of abilities when driven aggressively. Using the Realtime AWD Differential the car drives just like a front wheel drive until the front wheels loose grip then power is sent to the rear wheels.

Q: How would I change the car from FWD to AWD or RWD?

A: We are including with the car all the items need to use whatever drive type you wish. Since the drive system on this car does not use an electronic switching device but relies on mechanical systems to change where the power is sent, some wrenching is involved to switch “modes”. To change the car into any of the available settings requires up to 2 hours with 2 people. We have been able to change the configuration from Rear Drive to Front Wheel Drive in as little as 15 minutes. Easy to change for a weekend event or climate change, but not something you can simply do at the stoplight.

Q: Are there any special parts on this car that cannot be replaced?

A: The majority of the fabrication is “one-off”, but all the parts are based on over-the-counter items from either aftermarket manufacturers or Honda and Acura dealerships. The drive system uses all Honda/Acura parts that are directly bolted to the car (with our modified mounts and chassis) or modified then installed. The design of this car took into account the need to get parts while racing, meaning if it can be broken, it can be replaced (unless you totally wreck the car).

Q: Has the car been raced?

A: The car has seen some light competition at the Falken Drift Showoff series and local Florida Drift events. The car has finished on the Podium at many events. We also used the car for one track day to shake down the braking and suspension. The car has not been involved in any racing accidents or damage.

Q: Could I use this car to race?

A: Definitely! The car was designed originally for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb or Drifting. While it will require a bit more maintenance than other cars, the unique nature and pure coolness of the vehicle will get much attention. You could also use the car for track days.

Q: Could the car be a show car?

A: Yes you could transform this car into a show winner. After all, who can “one-up” a RWD conversion?

Q: Can this car be a street car?

A: Yes. While it does not have an A/C system in the car, we did install the conversion around the factory A/C originally. So, simply reinstall the Integra interior (not included) and an A/C system and you’re good to go.
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con't from ebay ad

"Braille Auto Development Integra AWD / RWD


2180 pounds

Interior Mods:
MOMO Suede Steering Wheel, GSR Guage Cluster, Type R Amber Clock, Fan Switch, Jackson Racing Gauges, Autometer Gauge Pod, Braille Carbon Kevlar Racing Seat, Autopower 6-point Cage, Sparco Belts, CR-V Shifter, Racing Fuel Cell, Extended Hand Brake

Chassis Mods:
Rear Wheel Drive Conversion: Rear Differential Carrier Support, Seam Welded Rear Cargo Area, Rear Subframe Bracing, Gas Tank Relocation, Transmission Mounts, Driveshaft Mount.

Lightweight Mods:
Braille Carbon/ Kevlar Hood, Braille Carbon Fiber Hatch, Braille Carbon Fiber Sunroof Kit, Braille Auto Development B14115 Battery, Braille Carbon / Kevlar Seat. Removed: Interior Rear Paneling, Insulation Tar, Stock Gas Tank, Front Bumper Support, Spare Tire / Tools, Passenger Seating. Jackson Clutch, Flywheel and Crank Pulley


Inline-four, aluminum block and heads

Internal Mods:
.25 Oversized USDM Type R Pistons, Skunk 2 Turbo Cams, Skunk 2 Titanium Retainers, Skunk2 Valve Springs, Skunk2 Valves

External Mods:
Comptech Sport Air Filter, Jackson Racing Supercharger, Jackson Racing Boost Upgrade Aluminum Pulley, Custom Exhaust, Type R Radiator, FAL Fans

Fuel Management:
Hondata S200 Programmable Computer, RC Engineering 550cc Injectors, Walbro Fuel Pump

8400 rpm

Horsepower @ Rear Wheels:
214 hp @ 8100 rpm

Torque @ Rear Wheels:
166 lb-ft @ 6400 rpm


Front engine, Rear Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive

Drivetrain Mods:
CR-V 5 Speed Transmission, Jackson Racing Clutch, Jackson Racing Aluminum Flywheel

Suspension / Steering

Skunk 2 Coil-Over Springs 400lb/in, Skunk2 Racing Shocks, Skunk2 Camber Kits, Braille Auto Steering Angle Modifications

Skunk 2 Coil-Over Springs 500lb/in, Skunk2 Racing Shock

Rear Wheel Drive Conversion: Modified Trailing Arms using CR-V Hub Carriers and Type R Brake Rotor and Calipers, Custom Handbrake Mounts

Skunk2 Front Shock Tower Bars


Stock USDM Type R rotors,
Cobalt Friction brake pads

Stock USDM Type R rotors,
Cobalt Friction brake pads


Front/Rear: 15 x 7.5 Volk TE-37 - NOT INCLUDED

Front/Rear: 15 x 7 USDM Type R - NOT INCLUDED


Front/Rear: 16 x 7 Rota Circuit 8 Bronze

Front/Rear: 225/50ZR15 Falken RT-215 - NOT INCLUDED IN AUCTIoN


Front: 215/45R16 Falken Azenis RT-215

Rear: 205/45R16Falken Azenis Fk-451

Performance - estimates

Acceleration: 0-60
5.19 seconds

Acceleration: 0-100 mph

Acceleration: Quarter Mile
13.6 sec. @ 103.2 mph

Braking: 60-0
109 feet:
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Originally Posted by jojo on Mar/27/06
That's intresting. So the fact that the Braille car has no front axels means the pump for the rear drive shaft section is always sending the power to the rear all the time.

Maybe its just late for me here, but wouldn't no axles in the front mean its still spinning, just no power going to the wheels due to no axles?

Quote: phast94 on Mar/27/06 not counting whoevers teg is in the pics
Seems like someone grabbed it?

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they welded the crv rear differential so it spins at all time. but when you set up the car with front axles it is necesary to change the rear differential too because since its solid it would cause damage at high speed turns due to the fact that the rear wheels travel a smaller distance than the front wheels so it would cause binding and probably snapped axles or exploded transmission.

ive always wondered if they used an s2000 rear differential when they have the rear wheel drive setup if it would have been better. maybe even for the awd format since its a limited slip differential so it would be full time awd not front wheel drive with ocasional power to the rear..... but then agian the gear ratio of the s2k rear differential might cause the rear wheels to spin at a faster rate than the front wheels... i wonder how lamborghini does it....

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I believe this car was in JDM Option International Vol 4 as part of the D1 Driver Search in Miami. Needless to say, it failed horribly..

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I wonder how the car does at an actual road course.

A welded rear end explains the no front axel thing.

If I was to do this I think I would try using a BMW rear end with the CRV tranny of course. I'm sure the axels would have to be custom though and so would the driveline.
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I remember a few years ago honda-tuning was building a car like this, anyone know what happened with that car.
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