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seriously, for 2000 plus all the extra labor you could get one shipped intact from overseas.

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There is no "kit." Some companies make really half-assed kits that some rural postal carriers use, but they're almost all designed for minivans, Cherokees, and other common mail-carrying cars. Check out this site http://www.postalthings.com
Look at the quality of their "kits." This is typical of most RHD "conversion" kits.

To do an actual "conversion," which is to say make your USDM Integra look, for all intents and purposes, like a JDM RHD teg, You'd have to chop up your car and start replacing parts with JDM parts from a front-clip. It requires replacing the firewall and a whole lot of other stuff. Welding, etc.

It's expensive...the structure of the car is compromised...there have been many threads on this.

It's a lot better (and safer, if you ask me) if you just get a JDM Teg from Japan, bring it over and bring it up to US standards...you'd really have a lot better car when it was all said and done.

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Wow i haven't looked at this post for a while. Don't think a mod like this would be worth it. But i would still give props to some one that did it.


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i know this is way off topic but your avatar is of a kids turbo G1 integra i know from www.g1teg.org...

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My friend is doing this conversion on his 94 integra, don't ask why but he is. He has to cut out the firewall and weld the JDM one into his car.
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so how much would it cost to bring in a jdm teg? since it sounds like a rhd conversion wouldnt be cost or strength effective?

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well for you know it all's here is the pic of a fellow member on G2ic that just finished puting on an XSi front clip on his car.

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I have the upper portion of the dash board with the climate control and full steering coloum, wheel, evaporator core behind the dashboard, indictors , ignition with key and lower glove box under the regular glove box for sale. I will sell it all for $300
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You guys were talkin about driving right handed, its not that hard, when my dad took me to europe the cars were right handed obviously and it takes about 30 min to really get used to it. But when you come back home you are thinkin why the hell am i sittin in the left seat.

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honestly now, a cut car is about the dumbest thing ive ever heard of. for a couple weeks your ego would soar becuase youd be the only kid in town with a RHD teg. then you realize that your teg, which is honda perfection, is friggin ruined. the welds will never hold up like when it came from the factory. and its just a bad idea. save some more of the trust fund money and import a WHOLE car from japan. and dont skimp either...import an R from japan.

which reminds me. ive got a friend here in Cincy that imported an R33 GT-R and it costed him about $80,000-$85,000 all together with plane tickets back and forth to MotoRex. he still hasnt perfected the art of RHD and hes had it for about 6 months.

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i kno this is off integra topic but i got a 94 prelude rhd conversion.. its the whole front clip with steering column, climate control, and dash. pm if you kno anyones thats interested
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as far as i know you dont actually cut the front of your car off
you just change the interior and the steering set up the motor and trand are the same

i talked to a guy in San diego that did it to his 92ls

he had a the int. and steering rack shipped from japan
he did have to cut the fire wall to run the steering but it wasnt that bad
it all bolted right up

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I found a right hand drive for 700 bucks if anybody wants the contact number here in NY !!
It comes with rackandpinion <--- i know thats not how you spell it!!!

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Originally Posted by TGMtypeR on Dec/16/02
ummm hello?? its not too hard to source out a front clip from a RSI/XSI, and I know of a place that regularly gets them and they run between $1700 to $2000, you get everything from about the middle of the seats forward. Possible that he had done it? very. But the thing about a "kit" you can buy is total crap.
Well, I'm looking to switch a DA to a rh drive. Can I really get it for that cheap? Anyone know of a good Colorado vendor for this?
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