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here it goes, I replaced the head gasket about 2 weeks ago, engine ran perfect. I went out to lunch and it was dry out, engine was perfectly fine. Then I leave at 5pm and it is snowing/raining out, my engine is instantly messed up, like a blown head gasket again.

If I rev over like 3500 then no matter how much I press the accelerator, it just blows white smoke and loses power. But it seems to only do it when going up a hill or in second, it never did it in first (maybe cause the rpm)

I did a compression test and got 151-147-150-151, it sounds fine, the oil seems fine (it is not milky), the only thing that looks wrong it it seems like the top of my fuel filter is leaking a little of fuel where the banjo bolt connects to the filter.

The funny thing is the first time I blew my head gasket, I had changed the fuel filter 2 days before, it was raining that day, the first day it has rained since I changed my head gasket, it blew again, with the same fuel filter. I never went through any large puddles or anything. Any one have any freaking clue what is up? could it be the valve seals?

The next day it was dry out and my car was perfectly fine.

Anyone know why my car does this in the rain? Hopefully it will be dry out tomorrow so I can drive out to the Acura dealership and get them to figure it out.

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o.k., I was reading alot of hydrolock threads and other ones, and it seems like for some reason I am taking in water, and it is coming out as alot of steam, then it will work fine again. It seems something might not be completely right with my engine because it idles fine, but i can feel the engine misfire every 3-6 seconds at idle. When I am driving it is fine.

So here is what I am going to do..

-switch from the CAI to short ram (f*** the extra almost nothing horsepower)
-Get some of the injector cleaning fuel additive, and try that, maybe my injectors got dirty from all that water.
-come up with some new idea if that doesn't work.

everyone think this is a good starting point?
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Take a look at your plugs and let me know what they look like...

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Make sure that your plugs and wires are not fouled and there is no moisture in the plug tunnels. Any kind of water in there will make your vehicle act similarly.
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also, when you replaced your head gasket did you check to see if your head or block were warped?
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I put the short ram on and it is much better, no white smoke once the engine is warmed up. It still feels a tiny bit stumbly and weak when it is wet out.

Jack, I really didn't think about that honestly, I read most every forum on here and what I got out of it was it will only warp your head or block if you drive around with a blown gasket for a while. I drove literally 2 miles never above 2.5k rpm. could that still warp it?

I will be purchasing a used 18b1 engine from someone for like $500 bucks that I am going to be rebuilding over then next year or so (low comp. pistons, stronger rods) other stuff.

So if my head gasket or block are warped and it acts funny will it kill my engine any time soon? or is it just an anoyance that I have to deal with unless I get it fixed? As long as the engine can last me another year/year and a half then I really don't care.
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Final post for anyone who ever has this problem. Since last fall, I blew my head gasket, got it replaced then it ran like crap up until today.

It turns out, CAI + cut away wheel well = bad. I cut away only the top of the wheel well so that the tires wouldn't rub. But we had a very bad downpour last thanksgiving. I didn't drive through any puddles, but I was driving, floored it, lost power for a second, heard a muffled boom from the engine and lots of white smoke. What happened was that the water was being flung onto the filter from the tires (it seems obvioous now). Then when I floored it, the engine started pulling air in very hard and most likely pulled in all of the water on the filter. .

I got the head gasket replaced and was driving around. About a week after installing the new gasket, it was raining out and I was sucking in water again, a.k.a. loss of power with lots of steam coming out of the exhaust, then once all the water was out of the compression chamber (3-10seconds) power returned. That is when I caught on that maybe it was water getting into the engine. (up until now I thought the white smoke was coolant burning). So I took it extremely easy and drove home; never flooring it.

I switched to a cold air intake. No more water in the engine, that is nice, but my car idles like shit. litteraly. crap falling in a toilet sounded better than it. So over the last month or so I have been trying to narrow the problem down. I checked.

1.Compression: fine
2. Fuel pressure: got a guage, pressure at 38psi at idle.
3. Replaced cap, rotor, spark plug cables. (they've probably never been replaced anyways, so I needed to either way)
4. No codes were being thrown from the ecu.
5. IACV was fine.

Today I saw some extra spark plugs I had lying around for my car. I figured "what the hell, why not?" The reason I had not replaced them up until now was because I got new ones right after I replaced my head gasket, about 1200 miles ago. So I replaced them, turned on my car. It was seriously one of the happiest moments I've had in a long time. Car idles perfectly, runs perfectly, no hiccups what so ever.

I've decided that either A. I got faulty plugs or B. maybe doing the compression tests (with all the gas being sprayed in the chambers) fouled the plugs. Hopefully someone will learn from this thread in the future and not have to go through everything that I needlessly had to.
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Plugs, get long Qtips and swab out the water in there, i had to do that with the watery mixed oil, then i would drive it, get the water back in the plugs and do it again, it will take a while...try some fuel additive...

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Thanks, for the advice, but I fixed it. The old plugs looked like they had white powder on them. There was no water on the plugs or in the holes.
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same crap happened to me because of my CAI, but my engine siezed, and had to do a complete engine swap. you got out easy =]
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